V-belts Rubber Raw Edge VARISECT


VARISECT means Variable Speed V-Belt.
Designed for variable speed transmissions, to obtain a wide range of driven speeds.


VARISECT resists fatigue and shock, providing excellent belt stability. Improve gripping contact with pulley. Ensure less vibration, smoother and quieter performance.

Main components

01 / BODY
Special compound, in CR blend

02 / CORD
Tensile member in polyester

To improve flex life

v-belts rubber raw edge varisect components

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • exact speed control
  • smooth running
  • raw edge sidewalls improve gripping action
  • superior resistance to ageing caused by wear, oil, heat, grease and harmful environmental factors
  • static dissipating
  • long belt life
  • VARISECT belt working temperature -30°C / +90°C

Main Applications by Industry


Available in a wide selection of sizes.

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