V-belts Banded & Linked V-belts Rubber PLURIBAND


Banded version of Megadyne V-Belt, PLURIBAND eliminates belt whip and twist on wedge-type drives.
They ensure smoothest and strongest operation.


PLURIBAND  belt is able to transmit very high loads: it has the same performance as that of an equal number of corresponding individual V-belts working in a set.

Main components

01 / BODY
Belt body made in CR/SBR blend

02 / CORD
Tensile member consisting in poleyester cords, which grant length stability over the belt life time

Fabric jacket or cover made of fabric, protecting the tensile, increasing grip strength and granting greater wear resistance

v-belts banded linked rubber pluriband components

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • smooth starting and running
  • oil and heart resistant
  • no need for lubrication
  • PLURIBAND belt working temperature  -30°C/+80°C


Querschnitte RA, RB, RC, RSPZ, RSPA, RSPB, RSPC, R3V, R5V, R8V, R3VX, R5VX

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