Timing belts Polyurethane endless MEGAPOWER


MEGAPOWER timing belts are manufactured by a  unique thermoset molding process.

MEGAPOWER  PU belts perform especially well on light synchronised and stepped drives, in office automation and domestic appliance applications.


MEGAPOWER offers good running characteristics and they are especially suited for power transmission. An extra thickness of special coating is also possible on the back of the belt offering extra protection against aggressive or heavy products.

Main components

01 / BODY
The body of the belts are grey/green thermoset polyurethane 88 ShA.

02 / CORD
Helicoidal zinked steel cords are standard.
Available with Kevlar, Fiberglass, Stainless steel, HP, HF, HPF cords.

Timing belts Polyurethane endless MEGAPOWER

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • low pretension
  • consistent dimensional stability
  • good wear and abrasion resistance
  • good resistance to hydrolysis, UVA, ozone, oils and greases
  • maintenance free
  • MEGAPOWER  belt working temperature: -25°C/+80°C


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