SPIRAFLEX are mesh conveyor belts, specially used for the removal of the product in the hygienic machinery lines and for transport of fresh pasta and liquorice.
In the food industry, Spiraflex replaced the previously used metallic grid conveyor belts.
In the case of conveying fresh pasta or dough, thanks to its properties, Spiraflex allows the steam sprayed by the machinery inside a tunnel, to eliminate the residual flour of the product.
In the case of liquorice transport Spiraflex resists to the steam jet that making shine the surface of the product.


Better than metallic grid:

  • The Spiraflex is lighter than the metallic grid
  • Zero risk of contaminating of product, in case of damage of grid conveyor belts
  • Excellent value for money

Main components

Material: PET, white color
Type of fabric: rigid

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • Resistent to high temperature
  • Not adhesive
  • Not antistatic
  • Truly endless
  • Sealed edges
  • SPIRAFLEX working temperature: -30° / +90°

Main Applications by Industry


Production width: Maximum 2000 mm
Minimun roll diameter: 25 mm

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