Multi-rib belts MEGARIB


Megarib multi v rib belts are molded endless with thermoset PU and high strength stable polyester (Kevlar on request).  Designed for high speed, high ratio drives, Megarib belts are manufactured in H,J and PTB2, which is a 2mm pitch belt with shortened or truncated ribs for maximum structural flex.

Megarib belts are molded to exact dimensions and are clean running in application making them the perfect choice for power transmission applications in household and commercial applications and food slicing machines.


In addition be being clean running, MEGARIB belts are low noise, self tracking, capable of running at high speeds and perfect for compact drive designs.

Main components

01 / BODY
The belt body is made of thermoset polyurethane with 85 ± 5 ShA hardness.
The back side cushion protects the tensile member and permits the use of back side idlers.

02 / CORD
The tensile member consists of high-tension polyester cords, which combine the high flexibility of flat belts with the power transmission capability of V-belts while ensuring length stability.
Kevlar cords available on reqest

Multi-rib belts MEGARIB

Mechanical and chemical properties

  • high flexibility
  • linear belt speeds up to 60 m/s are possible
  • small pulley diameters and flat pulleys can be used in order to reduce drive costs
  • power performance can be improved by increasing the number of ribs
  • MEGARIB belt working temperature  -15° / +60 ° C


Profile PV H, PV J, PV TB2 

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