The Energy industry is an ever-expanding market, increasingly incorporating new green technologies. Thanks to our close cooperation with many major original equipment manufacturers in this sector, Megadyne can offer technical and reliable power transmission solutions. Maintenance-free, long service life and reliability are ensured, for drilling rigs, pumps, and wind and tidal turbines.

Wind power, specifically, refers to the process in which wind is harnessed for the generation of mechanical power or electricity. For instance, wind turbines — either horizontal or vertical axis, on land or offshore — convert the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical power, which can then be used for processes such as grinding grain or pumping water. Alternatively, this mechanical power generated can also be converted into electricity. Synchronous timing belts provide ideal solutions for wind turbines, offering high-load carrying capacity and maintenance-free, long-lasting performance.


Many Customers have linked Megadyne with this specific industrial sector thanks to its wide range of standard and customized products. Take a look at our selection and choose the right solution for your specific application!

Success Stories

  • Hydraulic Turbine
  • Archimedes Screw Generator
  • Hydraulic turbines are propeller-like components of a system used to convert the energy of a flowing liquid (normally water) into mechanical energy. They are commonly used in the production of electricity, in conjunction with an electric generator. As the flowing water contacts the turbine’s circular row of blades fitted to the generator shaft, it causes the shaft to rotate producing electrical power.

    Hydroelectric and coal-fired power plants similarly produce electricity. In both cases, a power source is used to turn a turbine, which then turns the electric generator.

    A customer contacted Megadyne requesting drive design assistance for a new hydraulic turbine application requiring a long-lasting, reliable, compact and smooth-running drive system. Is your company involved in a similar project? Contact Megadyne to discuss how we can solve your unique belting challenges.

  • Screw turbine hydroelectric generators operate 24 hours per day, 12 months per year and demand a very strong belt drive to survive this extreme environment. Explore this case study and discover how the Megadyne Platinum Ultra-High Torque synchronous belt provides the high torque capacity and robust belt system required.

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